Pollinators Getting Protection

BuzBeeFinally enough attention has been brought to the demise of the honey bee population that something is being done about it. It’s not just the honey bee that is in jeopardy, but butterflies, moths, and other pollinators. With $20 billion of crop value at stake in the US alone, the good news has brought a collective sigh of relief to farmers, and the many offshoots of the food industry.

The food service business, grocery outlets, restaurants, and large and small scale caterers all count on the natural cycles within Nature’s food chain to bring the essentials to their trade are feeling hopeful. The pending disaster brought to light a few years ago of not having crops pollinated put all of our food in jeopardy.

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Solar Roadways


Have you heard of Solar Roadways? This is a game changer. Presently surpassing expectations, solar roadways being tested in Norway are holding up under the scrutiny of the US Federal Highway Commission as well as other government’s worldwide. Innovation that could not only save money, but also produce enough electrical power to replace our dependency on fossil fuels many times over.

If you’ve ever experienced car trouble on a dark country road and needed emergency roadside assistance you would be someone who would be especially appreciative of the roadway being lit from within. The tow truck driver would find you quicker and you wouldn’t have to deal with the creepiness of being stranded in the dark. The advantages of solar roadways go way and beyond a simple scenario such as this, but this is an example of a just one practical aspect.

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Automated Vehicles Our Future

automated vehiclesWe live in interesting times. I recently saw a report on automobiles becoming totally automated. Hello Jetsons! I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, but there’s no stopping existing projects from moving forward at this point. Driving the highway last night I saw a small 2 car accident. The cars were both bashed, one more than the other, and pulled off to the side of the road.

A single tow truck was already on sight and it looked like another tow truck company was pulling up as I creeped passed. Lights were flashing and there were two cops at the scene. Fortunately it didn’t appear anyone was injured. I wondered would this have happened if we were all driving automated cars?

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Being Environmentally Aware

environmentally-aware-mindsetWe just celebrated Earth Day. It’s a day when more people are conscious of the Earth’s state of the union on a worldwide scale. The Natural world celebrated 26 years of being in the limelight through global chatter on a variety of eco-topics. Environmentalists came to the forefront with reports of successes as well as failures they’ve had since the last Earth Day celebration.

My buddy Dave who celebrated his 34th birthday on Earth day wanted to do something in acknowledgement of the two events falling on the same day. Because he is an aware individual and felt like a little celebration of both was in order, he hired a limo party bus (similar to a larger luxury vehicle you would use for your wedding transportation) and called 5 of his best mates.

He told us to park our cars, round up our spouses or dates and he’d swing by in a chauffeured limousine for a night on the town – on him. His reasoning was there would be one car instead of 5-10 on the road that day – and they’d all have a great time being pampered a bit riding in a shiny black limo.

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Young Minds – Inventive Solutions

innovation and creativityThis series of articles is devoted to the thriving innovative minds that bring solutions to what may seem like insurmountable issues. With every generation young inventors are bringing fresh perspectives to solving old problems.

After learning about the 11 year old, Nikita Rafikov of Evans, Georgia, who developed a way to light homes without using electricity I knew the world was in good hands. This young man will be riding in limousines to college while the rest of the world is benefiting from his application of bioluminescence in window panes.

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The Innovations Keep Coming

roof top greenhouseThe day has finally arrived and there is a palatable buzz in the air. You’ve worked hard alongside dedicated colleagues and your community for today’s Grand Opening. We hired Raleigh Limousines to pick you up at 8am sharp and you felt like a rock star.

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